The last couple of days I’ve been sick. Just a cold, or something like that. But I have been doing some research while I’ve not been able to do anything serious with my life.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some makeup from E.L.F, without knowing that they were actually a better company than I had expected.
I got my products and tested almost everything. And loved it, to bits and pieces. So I got on my computer and ordered a couple of other things. Mostly lipsticks and eyebrow stuff.
And then again today I got on the website to read about their testing and why everything was so cheap. And as I was browsing the site I got the knowledge that they are not testing on animals (which actually is ILLEGAL, but most companies do not care about that) and their products are cheap because they don’t advertise like Maybelline or Isadora.
They just trust people to like their products so much that their customers will tell their friends and so on.

IMG_4804This is the E.L.F Mineral Lip Tint and Mineral Lipstick.

The Lipstick I got in the color Rosy Tan, it was a bit darker than I’d expected, but still nice, it made my lips just a shade darker than they usually are and it fit me perfectly. It had no smell or taste, which means, no liplicking.

The Lip Tint I got in the color Natural. Which also was darker than expected. It has SPF 8 and tastes so sugary I kept licking my lips until it was all gone.

IMG_4795The Eyelid Primer I actually haven’t tried on yet, since I don’t usually use eyeshadow I felt like it was more of a ‘party’ essential than something for a casual look. It’s in Ivory and should probably work well with anything. I’ll tell you more about it when I’ve tried it on.

The Eyebrow Lifter and Filler was sadly not at all what I expected, I got it in Medium/Ivory and it was all smudgy and sticky and it had too much red color in it. I looked kind of funny and wont use it again.

Eventhough the colors was not as shown on the website I am still pretty satisfied with the things I got and I’m looking forward to try on the new stuff I ordered.

Have you or someone you know tried E.L.F cosmetics?
What do you think and would you recommend it?



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