Human Sloth

I am completely stressed out at the moment and have been for the last week or so.
Me and my family are moving away. So there’s a lot to do, furniture to throw away, stuff we need to go trough, stuff I didn’t even know we had! And also we need to find a new place to live.
The real estate agent is coming to estimate the value of our house in a couple of days, I guess that’s why I am taking the time to actually write a new post.

We have all dealt with this. The stress that comes with moving away.
And I’m not a person that can handle stress. At all.
I am currently working at a café in town. (Well not this week, since we have a lot to do. But otherwise.) And in the summertime, with all the tourists that want their coffee NOW I just feel like I’m drowning.
And my mind says, do this and this and that, quickly, come on Amanda. You can do it. While my body says, slothmode; on.
So automatically, I become a human sloth.
That’s what stress does to me.

So I’m sitting here, stressing out, with tons and tons of things to do, drinking my coffee and feeling useless.

I also got some things I ordered from Nelly today in the mail. So I’m probably gonna do some sort of ‘Hey look at my new things’ post soon.

Question of the day: How do you handle stress?



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