Bracelets and Birthdays

I’m having a really bad day. Eventhough yesterday was awesome celebrating my sisters 20th birthday and having so much fun, everything went back to normal when I woke up this morning. Ofcourse you’re allowed to have bad days every now and then but it seems like there have been so many of them the past few weeks.

Speaking of my sisters birthday, me, her and our friend Ally went to visit our friends Jonathan and Caroline in Trollhättan. We also met up with Anders, Albin and Wendy. All of us went bowling and teamed up against eachother. 1992’s vs 1994’s. I think the 94’s won actually. And we ended the night at Jonathan and Caroline’s place, playing neger och president (a cardgame) and watching the Eurovision Song Contest. So happy that Conchita won! She totally deserved it!

Since I’m in the wierdest mood today I don’t really know what to do with myself, so I took the leftovers of the beads for my bag and made another bracelet. I’m really good at this stuff. Took me about 15 minutes maximum, so if I’m gonna fill this day with braceletmaking there’s gonna be alot of them by the time I go to bed. Ugh.




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