Welcome Home – A Week Later

I had an awesome time in London. I honestly felt like coming home. Not that I have ever been to either London nor England before, but I just felt I was where I belong.

I am currently editing the video of our trip and I’m having a really hard time finding the perfect soundtrack. So if any of you feel like helping a girl out, please keep your ears open! Because working with Garageband on my iPhone  isn’t the easiest thing. Eventhough it is a kids version of a musicmaker.

During our trip to London we decided that it would be awesome to visit the Warner Bros Studio ¨The making of Harry Potter¨ It. Was. AMAZING. I did read on their website that it is prohibited to share any footage from the studio, since it’s copyrighted, but both me and Louise got some amazing pictures. I guess I’ll put some of them up on Facebook in the near future.

It was over a week ago we arrived in Sweden. And I’ve been so busy. We have a lot of stuff to do with the house and both me and my sister have had friends over, so there’s not been much time for me to update my blog. But I guess this’ll do.

And also, when I find my perfect soundtrack I will upload the L.A.T Weekend in London -14 video to youtube.

On Wednesday (maybe Thursday) la familia and me are going to Västerås (who would have known) to visit my uncle. I’m also gonna find the time to pop in to Eskilstuna for a day or two. (who would have known)




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