Awhile ago I made a bracelet for my friend Sebastian. But after a couple of months it started to fuck his skin up. Like, turn green and stuff, you know. It just turned bad, so to speak. So as I left Eskilstuna this time I brought the bracelet with me. To make another, better one. Since I had ordered these sweet turquoise skulls, I’d thought that would be perfect. Aaaaand it was.

Here’s the old bracelet and the upgrade I made. While I’m finishing the photobomb I’m preparing for you.

IMG_5785Here’s how the old bracelet looks. Do you get what I’m trying to say with the whole ‘fucked his skin up’ thing. Yeah.

IMG_5784And here’s the new one! With white turquoise skulls and a red rock bead. So that it wont mess up his skin.

What do you think?




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