In the middle of the chaos

Even though I’m so stressed out about the whole moving situation I found time to take a two-week vacation.
Any guesses to where I went? Eskilstuna of course. To visit my friends and going on adventures. I really love seeing new places and I know Eskilstuna isn’t a new place for me any longer, but it still feels like ”the place to be” if you know what I mean.
Sebastian was working on a photo project and he needed some help with carrying all the camera equipment so me and two other guys stayed up all night to help him out. We were so tired and we had so much fun and I honestly thought nothing could beat that.
But then we decided to go to Sebastians family lakehouse, were we just hung out by the lake without a care in the world. Since it’s in the middle of the woods and the citysounds are nowhere to be found I felt like I could breathe.
Normally I love just walking around, the sound of a car in the distance, people chattering and all that the city brings with it. But being so far away from all of that was, refreshing? I don’t know if that’s the right word for what I’m trying to describe, but it was kind of magical knowing that no one was gonna drive up to me and ask for the quickest way to get to the liquor store.

IMG_5773A ”behind the scenes” photo of the art project Sebastian is working on. I can’t believe how stunning the model was. With her horns and her white dress.

IMG_5759A wild Alex appeared. Alex used ”sleep on the pier” It’s super effective.

Speaking about the lakehouse, I’m going back there. I’m leaving the west coast on thursday to spend the weekend with both old and new friends. I’m over the top excited and I’ve been looking forward to this since.. forever.



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