Adventure bag #done

I’d put the adventure bag project on hold. And then I forgot about it. Until yesterday when I finally finished it. 
I’ve been using the simplest form of crochet and something that we in Sweden call ”Krokning” which is just a different way of crochet if I’m being honest. I’ve been sewing on almost a thousand beads, and as if that wasn’t enough, a strand broke the other day. So I figured I had to sew them all on, again. But with a stronger thread.
I wanted a sort of ”flowing” shoulder-strap so I attached keyrings to the sides and the bottom of the bag for it to follow in with the movements.
From the start I wanted some sort of halfmoon-shaped metal rings, but since I couldn’t find pieces like that anywhere this had to do. I think it turned out okay, even if it’s not exactly what I expected it to be.

What do you guys think?




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