Hurraw! Citrus

One of my favorite scents of all time is grapefruit. I mean, how can you not love it? To be honest, I kind of love everything with a hint of citrus. My bodysoap is grapefruit, my perfume is grapefruit. And I’ve got yet another grapefruit lipbalm (Burt’s Bees). But to celebrate my first ”weekly favorites” I thought I’d share with you two of my favorite lipbalms which are both from the label Hurraw!
The lipbalms from Hurraw! are completely vegan (no beeswax) and are organic and fair trade. Which in my opinion makes them more appealing to use. They aren’t too shiny and the smell is slightly discrete, we all know that I have a real problem with licking my lips, so this is a good thing.
The grapefruit one I bought a while back in Gothenburg. Because the only stores I know that sells the Hurraw! balms in Sweden are the healthstore Life. So while I was in a big Life store I thought I’d check out their range of the Hurraw! balms and found this one, which I’ve been in love with since.
The lemon one I bought last week at the Life store in my hometown. I had just bought two pairs of Converse and saw my sister in the Life store, so I joined her, took a look at the register and found a little box filled with lipbalms. And since I’m a collector I couldn’t resist.
(you can also get them here)

If I were to recommend a lipbalm to you, it would probably be of this label or carmex, which also is one of my favorites.



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