200 years of peace.. Or something like that

Some of my Swedish readers may know this already, but yesterday Sweden celebrated 200 years of peace. The 14th of August 1814 a man from my area was the last swede to die in the war against Norway. And we are proud to call Sweden a country of peace.

What the actual fuck.

Sweden is exporting weapons, planes, bombs and toy mines. Toy mines. TOY MINES. TOY MINES.
Okay, I can accept that  adults do what they want and desire and if that is killing each other, then go nuts! But you are not murdering an innocent child and getting away with it.

When I first got the news I was proud to live in a country free from war. But then I got thinking. The amount of weapons we export is too big for a country that calls itself neutral. And I honestly think that that is the one reason our citizens didn’t celebrate our precious 200 years of peace yesterday. Because it’s fucking bullshit. Sweden is not a war free zone and we should be ashamed of ourselves.
We sell weapons to the highest bidder and couldn’t care less as long as there’s money to be made.

I know that there’s always gonna be war. I get that. Because some people doesn’t have the patience nor the ability to actually listen and put themselves in others shoes. But these are adults. They have made their choice. If a military base gets bombed.. Well what did you expect?
But to attack a town with totally innocent people just because there may be a terrorist living there is just wrong on so many levels. To plant a mine that looks like a toy is not a trap for a soldier or a terrorist. It’s a trap for a child.
How many innocent people has to die because there’s a few with a death wish?

Sweden has figured something out that America hasn’t. It’s expensive to go to war. But to earn a dollar or two on someone else’s is terrific! To craft and export the weapons that kill in someone else’s war while leaving your own country out of it. It’s smart. And disgusting.

Is this really something to be proud of? No. This is something to be ashamed of.
200 years of peace.. Or something like that.



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