Hot air balloon

The last couple of days I’ve been busy with moving houses. Going back and forth between Strömstad and Lerum.
Boxing and unboxing things, pretending I’m an electrician (don’t worry, it all went really well and I didn’t hurt myself) and trying to find stuff I need. They’re probably at the bottom of a box I didn’t even think of looking in. And although we got a piano with the new place I haven’t had the time to play it.

There’s not gonna be a favorite tomorrow since I hate everything right now. As if it’s not enough stressful as it is my body decided it was time for a cold.
I’ve got a thousand boxes to unpack and I’m lying here with a sore throat, a stuffed nose and a fever. #life

Well atleast I saw a couple of hot air balloons earlier today. I wanna go sometime.





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