Yay, WiFi

So today we finally got our WiFi to work! Well.. I didn’t do it since I’m completely worthless at those things, but my sister did!

As you might know, I’ve been sick these past couple of days, I honestly think that it’s my body’s way of saying ”No, that’s enough. Now rest” Like that’s gonna stop me? Well.. It is. But that’s not the point.
The other day I went out for coffee with one of my best friends. It rocks living so close to Gothenburg and we had plans on exploring town but one day out was enough, for now.
Im gonna stay in for at least a day or two but I have some serious adventure craving going on over here. Also I kinda need to go to some sort of furniture store (most likely IKEA) to get a smaller drawer since mine was too big to fit in my room. That sucks.

Here’s the view from my window. I feel like a freaking princess. ”Amandaaaaaa, let down your haaaaaiiiir”

And look at this little guy we met on our way from the car. He was super cute just hanging out, watching people pass by. I wanted to take him home but he belongs in the wild. Farewell tiny snake, it was nice meeting you.


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