So there are a few reasons why I’m in love with the fall.

The First one is knitwear. How can you not love a knitted sweater? Also, in the summertime it’s kinda too hot to wear something that will keep you warm while the temperature drops. The thought of being able to wear knits for three seasons now makes me warm as well. But not as warm as the knits. Pls.

IMG_6206These are my two current favorites when it comes to knitwear, the first one was a gift from my aunt, made with alpaca wool, so it’s really comfy and warm. The other sweater is the Jesolo Pullover

The second one is tealights and scented candles. Because now you’ve actually got a reason to light candles. I mean, who the heck lights a candle in the middle of summer? Not me *cough*

IMG_6142These three are the best scents that Yankee Candle has ever made, according to me.

The third one is tea. Again with who the heck drinks tea in the middle of summer. NOT ME *uhhum*

IMG_6067This little spaceman I got from my friend Ally as a christmas gift. I think he’s completely adorable.

The fourth is Jackets. We all have that one jacket that we love but is too hot for summer and too cold for winter. NOW is the right time to wear the shit out of that little bastard.

The first coat is an old one from H&M, but you can find similar ones almost everywhere this time of year. The second one is the Schlagerstar II (Naketano) which I got as a gift from my friend Martin.

And last but not least are the scarves, the wool socks the mittens and the hats. The small things that keeps you warm. (If you haven’t noticed already, I like being warm)

IMG_6214My favorite hat (Carlings). I know, it’s ridiculously big. And my favorite scarf (Indiska). Again with the ‘space theme’.

Which season is your favorite?


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