Since it’s Sunday I thought I’d share two of my current favorite songs from a Swedish band named Kent.
All of their texts are in Swedish (I actually think they made an English album, but it didn’t go that well)
I’ve never liked Swedish music, or Swedish movies or practically anything that’s typically Swedish.
It’s not that I don’t like Sweden, it’s just that.. We’re a stupid country. In the election a couple of weeks ago, the freaking racists made it into the parliament with 13% of our votes. What the actual fuck? I know you can’t escape racism, but holy heck that’s a lot of narrow minded people.

Oops. Looks like I got carried away. I’m not gonna start talking about these things, I’m just gonna get mad. Again.

I honestly have no idea why I’ve been in such a dull mood these last couple of months. It’s horrible. If you don’t understand Swedish, it’s gonna get hard to understand the songs, but I can tell you, that most of them are kind of depressed. And sad.
So I don’t know what’s up with this ‘Kent-mood’ but I guess I can live with it. After all. I’ve been through worse.

This is Krossa Allt (rough translation; crush everything)

Even though I’m feeling low, it hasn’t yet come to that point where there’s nothing that could cheer me up. Yesterday, me and a friend searched the streets of Gothenburg for parts to my Halloween costume. (You’re gonna love it!) And I had a really good time.
We also tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte, at Starbucks. (Completely overrated by the way, but that may have been because we lacked both ugg boots and yoga pants. And we were an even number. Bad white girls, bad!)

This is Skogarna (rough translation; The forests)

If you listened to them, what did you think? And what kind of music do you prefer when you’re feeling down?



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