Lights In Alinsås

This Saturday was spent mostly running around Gothenburg, trying to find pieces for my Halloween costume, as you already know. After we found what we were looking for we met up with another friend, since we had made plans on going to Alingsås for the annual ”lights in Alingsås” which basically is a cultural event formed as a walk around town (a bit of it was placed in the woods as well) with lights and sounds and art after sunset.
I completely loved it. Even though is was kind of cold it was amazingly cozy. The one thing that would have made it perfect was of course, hot chocolate.
After about half of the walk we decided to go to over to our friend’s house and drink some tea and have ourselves a cinnamon bun or two, since it was the ”cinnamon bun day” in Sweden as well. I don’t even know why we celebrate that day. Like.. ”LET’S GET FAT!” (Did you know we also celebrate a day we call ”fettisdagen” were we eat this weird cream filled bun? It’s horrible, actually.)
But seriously though. I’m not the one to hate. I freaking love cinnamon buns. Especially those that you heat up yourself.

These are some pictures I took during the evening. I love how they had put up lights that looked like eyes in the woods. It’s was amazing.




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