I never meant to be gone so long

Yes, I do realize that that is a Breathe Carolina song, that’s kinda why it was funny, which it wasn’t.
I really like how WordPress greets me with ”Whatcha got on your mind?” (It’s a lot cuter in Swedish, ”Vad har du på hjärtat?”) Makes me feel like I’m missed.
ANYWAYS, I’ve been gone for a little more than a week. Eskilstuna as usual. And as much as I love fall, I kinda hate it as well. All my energy is drained and I get that hopeless feeling. Everything is just dull and boring. Well not all the time, but it hasn’t been a sunny day in like forever.
I think I should move. To someplace warm. Like Malta. Or maybe work on a cruiseship. That might be fun. I’ve got that nasty ”anywhere but here’s good” kind of feeling. It’s horrible. I think I’m one of those that desperately needs the sun, all the time.
It totally sucks to feel alive for 3, maybe 4 months out of 12. That is not a good time.

Well.. Here’s Mr Cat;



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