Something wicked this way comes

No not really. I just like Harry Potter.
You know that funk I was in? Still am. So that’s the reason I haven’t posted anything for a while.
Under the time I’ve been ‘gone’ I’ve been knitting a lot. It’s my way of dealing with things, or not dealing with them.

Anyways! There’s gonna be change coming! Since I kinda missed all of the weekly favorites I’m gonna start doing monthly instead. Just like everyone else.
I’m also gonna start studying in January and I’m gonna get new glasses (something cheaper this time, that I just can throw in my bag in addition to the contacts, if they start messing with me)
ALSO, I the new iPhone 6. And guess what? It doesn’t bend. Well not yet anyways.

Next week I’m going to Eskilstuna again, since Sebastian has his birthdayparty next weekend. Which I’m totally psyched for btw. It’s gonna be awesome.



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