The Tower

So these past few weeks I’ve been isolating myself from the world. Maybe it’s the fact that I seriously hate it when it’s cold outside, or it could be as simple as I’m not in the mood, for anything.
I’ve spent all my days with watching Gossip Girl, drinking coffee and making jewelry, hats and all sorts of accessories.
I spent two weeks in Eskilstuna, celebrating my friends birthday, which is today actually, happy birthday Sebastian!
It’s the middle of the night and I feel like I probably should go to bed. But what’s the point when I don’t have anything to do tomorrow? Why do I have to get out of bed when I’m just gonna walk around the house and be useless?
Oh the life of a depressed person..
I do look forward to start studying in January though. Get my day back on track, learn a thing or two and hopefully I’ll feel a lot better. It’s common knowledge that the less you activate yourself, the worse you’ll feel, right? It’s hard getting to that point though. Where you actually pick yourself up. I should know.

By the way, I’m totally psyched for new years. I haven’t got any solid plans yet, but I have this feeling it’s gonna be amazing. Just thought you’d know.



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