The dark hours and five million lights

I’ve always wanted to visit the Christmas market Liseberg arranges annually, I’ve never done it. Well that is until Martin decided to come over for a couple of days before christmas and take me there.
As you might know I get easily impressed and overwhelmed. This was one of those times.
It was amazing. All of the lights and the (fake) snow. (The real snow actually arrived yesterday. This seasons first, on christmas eve. That’s actually kind of perfect.) And the small stalls with food and gifts and sweets. Since this was my first time I kept running around to look at everything like a little kid. I bet Martin got tired of me after a while. I sure would have.


I found a small area with medieval stalls and got myself some beads I thought was nice. And earlier today I made earrings out of two of them.

IMG_6582Here’s the earring. I know it’s kinda simple. But honestly, that’s how I like it.

And of course, a really crappy picture of our first snow here in Lerum. Taken from the inside, minutes before dinner. (I felt really sick, I had a headache, was dizzy and had nausea. Fortunately it went away.)

I got a lot of awesome gifts, and it turned out me and my sibling had gotten each other the same thing (what are the odds, right?) So now we both have BMO beanies. Haha.

I hope all of you had a great christmas, or hanukkah or whatever you’re celebrating. #hearts



  1. Oroa dig inte, gumman. Jag hade inte kunnat bli trött på dig om jag så försökte, du var så gullig när du sprang omkring överallt med den där lyckan i blicken. Det kan man inte få nog av!



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