Yet another one

As you might know I have a thing for both homemade bracelets and dreamcatchers. So the other day, when I felt completely bored I made this one and I didn’t really think that I would like it as much as it turned out I did. I haven’t been able to take it off  since I put it on.


I also took a small trip in to town to check out the sale. So. Much. People.
I got pushed around and bumped into where ever I went and it was horrible. But despite of all the horribleness that the sale brings I got my hands on a few things that I thought was nice.

These scrunchies I found interesting. At first I thought it was some kind of joke but when I tried one of them on I found out that they’re actually better than the ones I’m used to wearing (even though they’re as ugly as it gets). So.. Thumbs up on that one!

IMG_6603I got these at H&M

In a couple of days I’m off to Linköping to celebrate new years with some friends and I’m totally psyched for that!


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