December likes

So as we move on from the Christmas month into the ”oh god why am I not fat so that I wouldn’t have to freeze to death” month I would like to share with you my December favorites.

Sim City


This is originally a game for PC’s that I used to play as a little kid. I bet the most of you all know what this game is about but for those who doesn’t, it’s a game where you’re the mayor of a city that’s basically nothing to begin with and the goal is to have this big town and to keep all of your citizens happy.
So they made a mobile version of this and I didn’t know about that until a couple of days before Christmas, so naturally I spent every spare second with my phone. Instead of cleaning my room or doing something useful.
Thanks for that, EA.

iPhone 6


I actually got my new phone in the beginning of November and I completely love it!
I used to have the iPhone 4s and I had it for almost three years without breaking it, which I think is amazing for someone as clumsy as I am. But I got tired of it always messing with me and the battery kind of lost its game after a while so I figured since I didn’t pay it off any longer I could go for the new one, which was not one of my worst choices to be honest. I am super satisfied with this new baby of mine and after getting used to the size of the screen, it wasn’t that much of a struggle to navigate it with my tiny hands.
(In this shot you can also see my tiny pocket knife, which apparently is illegal, even though the blade isn’t even 4 centimeters. So I could get arrested for carrying this in public and if you ask me, that’s just ridiculous.)

Hand cream & Lip balm


I have a problem. A serious one. I’m kind of addicted to The Body Shop. So what I wanted for Christmas was more stuff. From The Body Shop. Aaand, I got it! Yay! On a more serious note both my hands and lips easily crack when it’s cold outside so the fact that I got a lot of stuff from TBS (including these two) made it a lot easier to actually use a hand cream. I used to have a really good one from Kicks but this one just smells delicious. When it comes to the lip balm part, well.. that’s just not an issue, since I always carry at least two with me at all times. This one though, uh, I just love it!

Gossip Girl

I can’t believe that I haven’t found this series before. I’ve been watching all six seasons since I saw the first episode in the end of November. It just took me a couple of minutes and then I was hooked. And honestly I’m a bit ashamed to say that the most part of December I’ve spent in my bed, with my cup of coffee, watching Gossip Girl.
So I’m in that phase where I really don’t know what to do with my life since it was just the other day I found out who Gossip Girl was.


Jul på Liseberg


Last but not least, let’s not forget the annual Christmas Market at Liseberg, which was amazing.



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