Spring awaits

Well at least that’s what I thought. Until I looked out the window and saw the snow.

I had my first history class yesterday and I think I have a good chance of actually getting a better grade than E. Although there’s a lot I don’t know at the moment.

Today I stayed at home, since this is the only day of the week (except the weekends) that I’m free. I spent it with some knitting, jewelrymaking and tidying up my room. Also Fall Out Boy released their record American Beauty/American Psycho yesterday. They streamed it earlier last week but now I could actually listen to it without a youtube tab open, which is nice.

Anyways, I can’t wait for spring, or summer! A little sun wouldn’t hurt.

My teacher just mailed me some ‘fun to read’ articles about Marco Polo and IS and some over.. thing. I honestly appreciate that this isn’t like middle school where the teachers just couldn’t care less.

Tomorrow I’m gonna head over to the school again for my english class. It’s one of my favorite subjects so I’m kinda psyched. Yay.



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