Second day

So my second day of school is done and done!
I really like the idea of having one subject a day, which makes it easier to focus on what’s what. I haven’t been studying for four years and this schedule is a lot more comfortable than the ones that I’m used to.

So I just made myself a cup of coffee and thought I’d knit some more, watching netflix and just take it easy for a bit. My original plan was to head in to town and see my sister but it seems like she’s gonna be home soon and since my class tomorrow is starting 5.30 pm I’ve got the whole day to not do anything in particular.

I’m so looking forward to my birthday in a couple of weeks, some friends are gonna come over and we’re going to eat a fancy dinner, maybe go out or watch a movie. I’m so psyched to see my friends again. It’s been a while since last time and I miss them.

Also, if you’re as obsessed as I am you know that they cut out the chocomania series from The Body Shop. Before I got to order. Hm. Maybe they’ll bring some of the things back for the next sale? I sure hope so.



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