Saturday Night

This Saturday, me, my sister and her boyfriend went in to town for food and a movie. Since both me and her are studying every awake minute (I may be exaggerating just a bit) we thought it would be about time for a break.

We went to The Barn, which is a burger bar in Gothenburg. And they had the most amazing burgers. I usually get chickenburgers, because chicken, but this was straight up fantastic. The meat was perfect, the bun was perfect, my side of mac ‘n cheese was perfect and I get the feeling I use the word ‘perfect’ a lot.
But honestly. If you ever find yourself in Gothenburg and it’s after 5pm, The Barn.


The surroundings was super cozy as well. It was a bit dark but nothing that I couldn’t handle. And the interior was really thought of with candles and tiny shelves and even the walls were wooden. Which made it feel like you actually were in a barn.


After we stuffed our faces with food we had tickets to see Big Hero 6. Which if you know me in person know that I’ve been psyched about for months now. And also ranting about the Fall Out Boy song Immortals which is in the movie.
It was so good. I can’t even describe it. I think I’m gonna go see it again.
It just had everything. I can recognize the way Hiro dealt with his brothers death. And it had all of these characters that you just fell in love with. And a good mix of them as well. Not a stupid blonde this time but a bright one, who had long hair and high heels. The rich kid who wore the same clothes every day because he wanted to, not because he had to, and of course Baymax. The healthcare robot.
Maybe I’ll do a better review of it some other day.

10/10 -Would watch again.

So today I’ve just been studying and it’s time for me to tuck in to bed. I’ve got history class tomorrow and I also have a lot of other things to take care of. I hope your weekend was as good as mine.


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