EOS Strawberry sorbet – a review in few words

So a week ago I got a text telling me that my lipbalms had arrived. So I strolled down to Tempo to get them.
I had ordered an EOS pink ribbon bundle containing Strawberry Sorbet and Watermelon. I had previously read a couple of articles about them not working properly on some people and giving them rashes around their mouth and swollen lips and just being generally crappy (if I can find these articles and blogposts I will link them but for now I can’t seem to find a thing about this). But a friend of mine got one at Christmas and he seemed to like it so I thought I would at least give them a try.

I’ve been using the Strawberry Sorbet for a solid week now. Nothing else. At first, the lipbalm was hard to ”break” like, after a couple of millimeters it gets soft but before that happens it’s really hard and not so nice at all. You feel like it doesn’t do anything to your lips, it’s just this waxy layer of stickyness. After you’ve broken the surface though, it gets really nice, still this waxy consistency but it’s so much softer and it smells so good.
When it comes to the packaging the orbs are really soft and it seems like someone really wanted to be noticed, hence, making the actual lipbalm a dome. Like, who does that? I’ve not come so far in my progress that the dome is completely gone but I’m getting there and I’m starting to wonder if this will turn into a lipbalm where you have to put your fingers in it to scoop the last parts out.


– No need to put your fingers in the product, not messy
– Smells amazing
– When you have two of them it looks like a set of balls.

– The packaging is not anything for a clumsy person like me, it will roll away and embarrass you.
– It doesn’t do anything in particular, it’s just a layer of wax. (or so it feels)

Although I’ve tried lipbalms that are lightyears ahead of EOS I will probably keep on using the ones I’ve got. Just because of the smell.


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