The story about the indestructible headphones 

Back in 2011, December, I decided to get the new iPhone 4s. It was a big step for me, getting something that expensive for myself. And with them came a headset. The regular iPhone headset.
At first, I didn’t think about them that much, they hurt my ears and were pretty basic in my opinion. So I put them away, using my iPod when I listened to music and not wearing a headset when I talked on the phone.

Then, I started spending hours on the phone, talking to friends and I found it much more convenient to have both my hands free, being able to do other stuff as well as talking. With my phone in my back pocket and the headset on, I still struggled with them hurting my ears, so I thought ”why not just switch the sides?” So I did. Left goes in right and right goes in left. And so the headphone-age started for me.

I’ve been using them every day for almost a year now and they have been through a lot.

Throwing them off my bed to hear a ‘kling’ followed by a ‘blubb’ when I accidentally threw them in my cup of coffee and other stories similar to that.

The most impressive thing is, the other day I was doing laundry and I forgot I had them in my vest-pocket, realizing just that when I was searching for them to listen to this PowerPoint presentation. As you can imagine, I panicked. I ran downstairs, thew the door to the dryer open, searching for them, but of course, they were nowhere to be found. I went back upstairs, feeling sad that I would have to get new ones, and since I’d tried the new iPhone headset (which I got when I bought the iPhone 6) I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get a pair of the old ones.

When the dryer was finished I took my clothes out, finding the headset completely tangled and destroyed, or so I thought. Just to make sure I plugged them in to my phone and found that the sound actually worked. Which to me was a miracle. So I called a friend to tell this amazing story, not counting on that the microphone would also be working.

You can surely imagine my excitement when I realized they weren’t only working but now they were clean as well.

It’s been a good run so far, I hope you’ll decide to stick with me for a long time. I love you headset. Thank you for existing.




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