And so life goes on

As you might have guessed, I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks, well in fact, the whole month has been a mess. After I got back from Stockholm and Eskilstuna I realized I was so far behind in school that the only thing I’ve done since, is sit in my room or in my kitchen, with my computer in front of me, and a book in my face.

I can’t count the times I’ve fallen asleep mid-sentence if I’m being honest.

With that being said, let me tell you that the video is on its way (you know, the one I told you about on Facebook?) and that I am alive and well. There’s not gonna be either a February or March favorites since I’ve basically loved the same things as in January. The crisps, my backpack.. You know.

I’m really sad I haven’t been able to post anything for a while now. Writing is my.. Therapy. And all of a sudden I wasn’t able to write. For some reason. It sounds silly but everything I’ve written, both in English and Swedish, has just been rubbish. I guess all of us have these periods, where everything’s chaotic and nothing’s making sense…

I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting for a post. I hope not. But there’s always that one person. Thank you for sticking around. I hope this will get better soon.




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