A thought about life

The last four days have been so good. I’ve been out and about and roaming the streets of.. everywhere, not only appreciating the company of my friends but also the fact that I haven’t been waking up in my own bed.
To me, waking up somewhere that’s not home means adventure, and life, which, as you know, is the thing that keeps me alive. Well, that and music.

Most of the times, when I get back home, I fall back into my daily routine, anime, chips, chainsmoking and excessive consumption of coffee, but every now and then when you’ve had real fun and forgot your ordinary life, that comes like a roundhouse kick to the face as you walk in the door, harder than usual.

‘I’m not meant to be in one place’ is the one thing I can tell from all of this. I need a constant adventure to not fall back. A 9-5 job is not what my life should consist of and revolve around.

In a couple of days, well, actually, the day after tomorrow, I’m going back to my hometown. Not to live there, but to visit, and even though that’s not a real adventure it feels good. To smell the salt in the air, the wind in my hair. And most of all, my playground, and my safeplace. The tiny things I’ve made mine over the years. The things that makes me remember who I am, or at least, who I used to be.

I’ve changed a lot during the last two years, some of the situations I put myself in I regret. Some of them I don’t. But more importantly, I now think that I am a better person because of them. Both the good and the bad. I’ve finally figured out what it is that I’m doing to punish myself, and I now know what I truly want in life.
– A constant adventure.



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