Part seven

So the other day me + friends had tickets for the new Star Wars movie, and to no ones surprise we made a whole day out of it. 

Me and my taller haft got in around one and I headed straight to the science fiction bookshop. Where I found three books I brought back home. It feels amazing to finally have the time to read, not because I have to but because I enjoy it. 

I read the picture of Dorian Gray a couple of months ago, and that one I had to read. Well, I could have chosen another book but I had to read something published before 1950. And since I’d already read 1984 I thought it might be fun to read something from the 1800. It was not. It’s a great and horrible story, but I think a simplified version would have suited me better. 

Oh, off track am I? (Yes, I know, I shouldn’t try to speak Yoda, I’m sorry)

Well. The tickets we had were for the VIP salon and the chairs were so comfortable. I would definitely do that one again but perhaps when it’s about a movie I’m totally psyched about. Like, if they decided that showing Coraline again after 6 years would be a good idea. 

About the Star Wars movie.. Hm.. It wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen. But it wasn’t the best either. It was okay. One of those you have on in the background when you’re ironing kind of movie. It’s a shame, really. 

Three days until Christmas and I’m not even a little bit relaxed. But I guess it’ll pass when January comes. Right in time for me to start school again. Haha. 



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