So the other week (wait, do I start all my posts this way?) a friend of mine called and said something like ”um, I have these massage thingies tomorrow but I can’t make it, so, you wanna go in my place?” 

Picture says it all. 

So what’s up now..? 

Sebastian came to visit a couple of days ago and I’ve had my first day back in school and even though the stress from last semester hasn’t completely gone away yet I feel ready to start studying again. Well, as ready as I’ll get. 

Otherwise, the break has been good. I’ve done some crochet and knitting and mostly just sleeping. As I intended. All autumn me and my taller half have been sleeping in a tiny bed and when we finally got a bigger one, well, sleeping got to be a major part of our schedule. 

The ‘real’ classes start Tuesday so I’ve got a couple of days left of just doing nothing. Yas. 



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