The worst foundation there ever was 

A while back I purchased the Maybelline dream wonder nude liquid foundation, simply because it looked fancy af and I knew it would fit my skintone (30 sand is always 30 sand in every Maybelline foundation range, smart and easy). So I was kinda excited since I liked the dream matte mousse when I was younger. 

I haven’t got a clue about when they released this one and I’ll probably end up being a few years late, since I’m never up to date with anything, but I thought I’d just share my thoughts. And hopefully, if you took the time to find a review of the dream wonder nude you’ll be happy to know that you found one, right here, a few years later. 

So, the packaging is nice, a bit smaller than the other bottles Maybelline have, and you have to shake it. I love the pink/nude/dust/rose gold/whatever color at the top and at the beginning it kinda covers the fact that the foundation is actually in two layers, but after a while though.. Uh. 

On to the applicator, it is this stick that you use to drop THREE drops onto your finger (or so it says on the packaging) and it’ll magically cover your whole face. Yeah right. That’s just not gonna happen. 

Not only does that amount not cover your whole face, but the parts, the tiny tiny parts where you’ve got foundation on, burns, it burns like the fiery pits of hell is melting your face off. Absolutely horrible. 

The burning is not the only problem, it also stinks of alcohol, which is making me wanna throw up. 

If you use a beautyblender and a more appropriate amount of product it looks nice, disappeares a bit on my nose (with the usual routine, moisturizer-primer-foundation-yadayada, no setting spray) and it does settle a bit under the eyes (#oilyeyes4lyfe #wrinklesisthenewblack) but that’s a constant problem so no hate on the foundation ‘covering wise’. 

Not even budget foundations should burn. I get that you can’t expect it to be a miracle and a life changing product, but in this case you really get what you pay for. Which is sad, I like to get away with paying as little as possible, but this was just a waste of money. I guess that’s what I get for being cheap. 



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