Jag har spelat ett spel som heter Oxenfree.

Det är ett såntdär spel där man får välja vad man ska säga, om man vill säga något alls. Lite som Firewatch, där själva spelet är en relation. 

Man är Alex, som tillsammans med sina vänner, åker ut till en ö för att festa, och övernatta. 

Såklart börjar ju saker balla ur. Man får kontakt med någon genom en kom-radio man har med sig. Och spelet blir bara skummare och skummare för varje del man gör.

Jag är inne på andra vändan nu. Många spel är ju sådana att dom är samma. Eller förstår ni vad jag menar? Spelar man spelet igen får man samma val. Lite så är det väl kanske, men eftersom man för det mesta håller konversationer så kan man ju välja att säga något annat. 

Namnet var jag fundersam över, vad är oxenfree egentligen? Kollade upp det och det vettigaste svaret jag fick var att det hör till den engelska (amerikanska?) versionen av kurragömma. När letaren ger upp, ropar han eller hon ut ‘olly olly oxen free’ vilket betyder att de som fortfarande är gömda kan komma fram utan att förlora leken. Passande namnval, egentligen. 

Spelet kom först ut till PC och konsol i början av 2016 men har släppts till mobila enheter nu för några veckor sedan. 

Jag tyckte det var asball, lite äventyr, lite skräck, lite allt möjligt, men det jag föll mest för var karaktärerna, och att man på samma sätt som i Life is Strange fastnar för relationerna som man själv är delaktig i. 


Alltså, vägen, typ

Jag tycker ju inte om krig. Varken på riktigt eller i spelform. Det är ingen hemlighet precis. Och det finns ju så mycket sådana spel. Men man kan ju spela utan att kriga.

För några månader sedan hittade jag ett spel i AppStore som heter The Trail. Alltså, vägen, typ. Man bara går, i lugn och ro eller springer om man hellre vill det. Samlar på sig saker och gör nya balla prylar och kläder av det man hittar, uppgraderar sitt hus och tävlar mot andra städer.

(Double rainbow osv, skärmdump av mitt spel)

Enligt mig måste det nog vara ett av de bästa mobilspelen någonsin. Det är lugnt, för det mesta, och man behöver inte stressa även om det kan vara stressigt ibland, om man svimmar och någon fomme kommer och tar alla ens grejer till exempel.

Det drar rätt mycket batteri, men vi införskaffade oss en powerbank i somras till Pokémon Go, så det är egentligen inget problem alls.

Har nu samlat tillräckligt för att starta min egen stad. Borde jag göra det? Är det någon som vill ha en stad med mig?

(Finns HÄR om någon är intresserad av att spela med mig)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Hey peeps.
Just needed to quickly tell you about this amazing tv show that I’ve been watching called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

I was browsing Netflix because game of thrones had had their final episode of the season and orphan black was over and yadayada, you know. And I read the description which said it was about this girl that had been locked in a bunker for fifteen years and it basically was about her trying to adapt to modern society. I thought it sounded so deep and dark I had to watch it.

Surprise surprise, it’s a comedy, and one of the good ones. I binge watched the entire series (so far, more episodes 2017) and I’m absolutely loving it!

So if you’re out of shows to watch I recommend you to open a new tab, go to Netflix or whatever and give it a shot. It’s rare for me to sit alone in my bedroom and laugh out loud, but Kimmy made me do it.


The story about the indestructible headphones 

Back in 2011, December, I decided to get the new iPhone 4s. It was a big step for me, getting something that expensive for myself. And with them came a headset. The regular iPhone headset.
At first, I didn’t think about them that much, they hurt my ears and were pretty basic in my opinion. So I put them away, using my iPod when I listened to music and not wearing a headset when I talked on the phone.

Then, I started spending hours on the phone, talking to friends and I found it much more convenient to have both my hands free, being able to do other stuff as well as talking. With my phone in my back pocket and the headset on, I still struggled with them hurting my ears, so I thought ”why not just switch the sides?” So I did. Left goes in right and right goes in left. And so the headphone-age started for me.

I’ve been using them every day for almost a year now and they have been through a lot.

Throwing them off my bed to hear a ‘kling’ followed by a ‘blubb’ when I accidentally threw them in my cup of coffee and other stories similar to that.

The most impressive thing is, the other day I was doing laundry and I forgot I had them in my vest-pocket, realizing just that when I was searching for them to listen to this PowerPoint presentation. As you can imagine, I panicked. I ran downstairs, thew the door to the dryer open, searching for them, but of course, they were nowhere to be found. I went back upstairs, feeling sad that I would have to get new ones, and since I’d tried the new iPhone headset (which I got when I bought the iPhone 6) I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get a pair of the old ones.

When the dryer was finished I took my clothes out, finding the headset completely tangled and destroyed, or so I thought. Just to make sure I plugged them in to my phone and found that the sound actually worked. Which to me was a miracle. So I called a friend to tell this amazing story, not counting on that the microphone would also be working.

You can surely imagine my excitement when I realized they weren’t only working but now they were clean as well.

It’s been a good run so far, I hope you’ll decide to stick with me for a long time. I love you headset. Thank you for existing.



January Things

January was such a long month. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been busy or what’s up with the whole ”wait, it’s only been a month since new year?” thing but it feels like a least three months have passed.

Anyways.. Here’s my January favorites.

I’m gonna start of with my backpack and these crisps.


Since I started school my backpack has been my best friend. It’s a Fjällräven, Kånken No.2 in the color Dark Olive. This is basically a backpacker bag so the fabric is really durable and it’s also waterproof. Which I was thankful for that day it rained so much I regretted taking a shower. I had my computer with me so I was so relieved when I got home and found that nothing had been damaged!
Also.. These crisps. Holy hell they’re good. In Swedish they’re called Västkust Chips which roughly translates to West coast crisps. So they’ve got sea salt on them and are really crispy and nice and I’ve been snacking on these more than I’d like to admit.

Lip wise I’ve been using this lip balm from Kicks. The thing about this is that when I bought it I thought it would be crap. But as it turns out it isn’t and I’ve been using it constantly for a couple of weeks now (Kicks also have a handcream with olive oil, which I tried and loved as well)


The last thing product wise is the sugar scrub and body butter in Chocomania from The Body Shop (Surprised much?)

I love this stuff. The body butter is so thick and rich that the term ”a little goes a long way” is exaggerating.
It leaves me completely moisturised and soft and it isn’t sticky. The smell is light and wearable and a little sweet. Which makes it go pretty bad with flower-based perfumes but work well with just sweet ones.
The sugar scrub is one of the most fantastic scrubs I’ve ever tried. Since the sugar melts after a while you have be pretty quick but it really exfoliates and makes my legs feel as soft as a blanket. Well, a smooth one that is. Freaking kashmir and stuff. This combination is unbeatable. (Sadly these are all gone now, they took Chocomania out of the range after the sale but these products is still in the range, just not the Chocomania one)

I saved the best for last. Because this has been my top one this month and will probably be for the coming ones as well… Drumroll please.

What’s this? A CD? Fall out Boy’s American Beauty/American Psycho. This is the only thing that I’m listening to at the moment. It’s like me and Fall out Boy are standing in the isle, reading our vows and I’m falling in love all over again. I don’t even know how to describe the awesomeness of this. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. You will understand. (Klick the picture to go directly to Spotify)

I hope you found something that you might like as we all prepare, broken hearted, for a Valentine’s alone.
Might seem a bit hypocritical since I’m gonna spend Valentine’s with my best friends, celebrating my birthday, but you get what I’m saying.

Saturday Night

This Saturday, me, my sister and her boyfriend went in to town for food and a movie. Since both me and her are studying every awake minute (I may be exaggerating just a bit) we thought it would be about time for a break.

We went to The Barn, which is a burger bar in Gothenburg. And they had the most amazing burgers. I usually get chickenburgers, because chicken, but this was straight up fantastic. The meat was perfect, the bun was perfect, my side of mac ‘n cheese was perfect and I get the feeling I use the word ‘perfect’ a lot.
But honestly. If you ever find yourself in Gothenburg and it’s after 5pm, The Barn.


The surroundings was super cozy as well. It was a bit dark but nothing that I couldn’t handle. And the interior was really thought of with candles and tiny shelves and even the walls were wooden. Which made it feel like you actually were in a barn.


After we stuffed our faces with food we had tickets to see Big Hero 6. Which if you know me in person know that I’ve been psyched about for months now. And also ranting about the Fall Out Boy song Immortals which is in the movie.
It was so good. I can’t even describe it. I think I’m gonna go see it again.
It just had everything. I can recognize the way Hiro dealt with his brothers death. And it had all of these characters that you just fell in love with. And a good mix of them as well. Not a stupid blonde this time but a bright one, who had long hair and high heels. The rich kid who wore the same clothes every day because he wanted to, not because he had to, and of course Baymax. The healthcare robot.
Maybe I’ll do a better review of it some other day.

10/10 -Would watch again.

So today I’ve just been studying and it’s time for me to tuck in to bed. I’ve got history class tomorrow and I also have a lot of other things to take care of. I hope your weekend was as good as mine.

December likes

So as we move on from the Christmas month into the ”oh god why am I not fat so that I wouldn’t have to freeze to death” month I would like to share with you my December favorites.

Sim City


This is originally a game for PC’s that I used to play as a little kid. I bet the most of you all know what this game is about but for those who doesn’t, it’s a game where you’re the mayor of a city that’s basically nothing to begin with and the goal is to have this big town and to keep all of your citizens happy.
So they made a mobile version of this and I didn’t know about that until a couple of days before Christmas, so naturally I spent every spare second with my phone. Instead of cleaning my room or doing something useful.
Thanks for that, EA.

iPhone 6


I actually got my new phone in the beginning of November and I completely love it!
I used to have the iPhone 4s and I had it for almost three years without breaking it, which I think is amazing for someone as clumsy as I am. But I got tired of it always messing with me and the battery kind of lost its game after a while so I figured since I didn’t pay it off any longer I could go for the new one, which was not one of my worst choices to be honest. I am super satisfied with this new baby of mine and after getting used to the size of the screen, it wasn’t that much of a struggle to navigate it with my tiny hands.
(In this shot you can also see my tiny pocket knife, which apparently is illegal, even though the blade isn’t even 4 centimeters. So I could get arrested for carrying this in public and if you ask me, that’s just ridiculous.)

Hand cream & Lip balm


I have a problem. A serious one. I’m kind of addicted to The Body Shop. So what I wanted for Christmas was more stuff. From The Body Shop. Aaand, I got it! Yay! On a more serious note both my hands and lips easily crack when it’s cold outside so the fact that I got a lot of stuff from TBS (including these two) made it a lot easier to actually use a hand cream. I used to have a really good one from Kicks but this one just smells delicious. When it comes to the lip balm part, well.. that’s just not an issue, since I always carry at least two with me at all times. This one though, uh, I just love it!

Gossip Girl

I can’t believe that I haven’t found this series before. I’ve been watching all six seasons since I saw the first episode in the end of November. It just took me a couple of minutes and then I was hooked. And honestly I’m a bit ashamed to say that the most part of December I’ve spent in my bed, with my cup of coffee, watching Gossip Girl.
So I’m in that phase where I really don’t know what to do with my life since it was just the other day I found out who Gossip Girl was.


Jul på Liseberg


Last but not least, let’s not forget the annual Christmas Market at Liseberg, which was amazing.