mitt äventyr

När inget hjälper 

Jag har spenderat de senaste tre timmarna med att försöka sova. Det är svårt när man var och varannan minut hostar som om det inte fanns någon morgondag. 

Det är klart att man ger upp efter ett tag? 

Efter att ha gått från sida till sida på nätet bestämde jag mig för att göra te. Det finns ju ingen chans att få tag i hostmedicin vid den här tiden. 

Återkommer imorgon om min ingefära-citron-honung cocktail var något att hänga i granen. Gott är det iallafall. 

Part seven

So the other day me + friends had tickets for the new Star Wars movie, and to no ones surprise we made a whole day out of it. 

Me and my taller haft got in around one and I headed straight to the science fiction bookshop. Where I found three books I brought back home. It feels amazing to finally have the time to read, not because I have to but because I enjoy it. 

I read the picture of Dorian Gray a couple of months ago, and that one I had to read. Well, I could have chosen another book but I had to read something published before 1950. And since I’d already read 1984 I thought it might be fun to read something from the 1800. It was not. It’s a great and horrible story, but I think a simplified version would have suited me better. 

Oh, off track am I? (Yes, I know, I shouldn’t try to speak Yoda, I’m sorry)

Well. The tickets we had were for the VIP salon and the chairs were so comfortable. I would definitely do that one again but perhaps when it’s about a movie I’m totally psyched about. Like, if they decided that showing Coraline again after 6 years would be a good idea. 

About the Star Wars movie.. Hm.. It wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen. But it wasn’t the best either. It was okay. One of those you have on in the background when you’re ironing kind of movie. It’s a shame, really. 

Three days until Christmas and I’m not even a little bit relaxed. But I guess it’ll pass when January comes. Right in time for me to start school again. Haha. 

A thought about life

The last four days have been so good. I’ve been out and about and roaming the streets of.. everywhere, not only appreciating the company of my friends but also the fact that I haven’t been waking up in my own bed.
To me, waking up somewhere that’s not home means adventure, and life, which, as you know, is the thing that keeps me alive. Well, that and music.

Most of the times, when I get back home, I fall back into my daily routine, anime, chips, chainsmoking and excessive consumption of coffee, but every now and then when you’ve had real fun and forgot your ordinary life, that comes like a roundhouse kick to the face as you walk in the door, harder than usual.

‘I’m not meant to be in one place’ is the one thing I can tell from all of this. I need a constant adventure to not fall back. A 9-5 job is not what my life should consist of and revolve around.

In a couple of days, well, actually, the day after tomorrow, I’m going back to my hometown. Not to live there, but to visit, and even though that’s not a real adventure it feels good. To smell the salt in the air, the wind in my hair. And most of all, my playground, and my safeplace. The tiny things I’ve made mine over the years. The things that makes me remember who I am, or at least, who I used to be.

I’ve changed a lot during the last two years, some of the situations I put myself in I regret. Some of them I don’t. But more importantly, I now think that I am a better person because of them. Both the good and the bad. I’ve finally figured out what it is that I’m doing to punish myself, and I now know what I truly want in life.
– A constant adventure.


As you might know, I’m either extremely early or extremely late to the party. This time it seems like I’m late, about four or five years late.
I’m a pretty impulsive person and about two weeks ago I decided one morning when I woke up that I was gonna change my hair, that day. And I know myself well enough to know that my impulsive decisions often are the ones I’m the most satisfied with.

So this is how I did it; (please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional in any way and that this might be the worst thing that you could do to your hair)

I started off with teasing my hair until there were only small pieces of ‘loose’ hair hanging around and it felt like I had a hat on my head with all of the teased hair close to my scalp. This way there will be different length of the hair when it’s time for the bleach and it will look more natural since there won’t be an abrupt stop to the lighter parts.
After I had mixed the bleach I had to tease my hair again, since it apparently didn’t want to look like a birds nest (I do appreciate my hair doing this but this was not a good time for it to be messing with me) and I started to apply the bleach unto the tips of my hair, waited ten minutes and then applied bleach again, but this time not only the tips but also a couple of centimeters up, creating sections and waiting ten minutes between every section. I think I had about four or five sections, I can’t really remember but since I have such short hair I was worried that it was just gonna look ridiculous. And i you have a longer hair I would suggest you buying two packets of bleach instead of one. (also, if your hair is really dark)
After waiting for about 50 minutes I washed the bleach out, continuing to take a shower, since my hair was a complete mess and I needed to sort it out.
As I helper to that, I used a lot of conditioner and tried not to comb it out with a brush but with my fingers solely. It’s been damaged enough in under an hour.

This is how it looked when I got out of the shower and blow-dried it;

As you might see, it’s really damaged and I wouldn’t recommend you to do this if you’re not willing to sacrifice the quality of your hair. Still I think the result was really good, since I wasn’t completely sure what I was doing.

I’m satisfied, for now.