Alltså, vägen, typ

Jag tycker ju inte om krig. Varken på riktigt eller i spelform. Det är ingen hemlighet precis. Och det finns ju så mycket sådana spel. Men man kan ju spela utan att kriga.

För några månader sedan hittade jag ett spel i AppStore som heter The Trail. Alltså, vägen, typ. Man bara går, i lugn och ro eller springer om man hellre vill det. Samlar på sig saker och gör nya balla prylar och kläder av det man hittar, uppgraderar sitt hus och tävlar mot andra städer.

(Double rainbow osv, skärmdump av mitt spel)

Enligt mig måste det nog vara ett av de bästa mobilspelen någonsin. Det är lugnt, för det mesta, och man behöver inte stressa även om det kan vara stressigt ibland, om man svimmar och någon fomme kommer och tar alla ens grejer till exempel.

Det drar rätt mycket batteri, men vi införskaffade oss en powerbank i somras till Pokémon Go, så det är egentligen inget problem alls.

Har nu samlat tillräckligt för att starta min egen stad. Borde jag göra det? Är det någon som vill ha en stad med mig?

(Finns HÄR om någon är intresserad av att spela med mig)


December likes

So as we move on from the Christmas month into the ”oh god why am I not fat so that I wouldn’t have to freeze to death” month I would like to share with you my December favorites.

Sim City


This is originally a game for PC’s that I used to play as a little kid. I bet the most of you all know what this game is about but for those who doesn’t, it’s a game where you’re the mayor of a city that’s basically nothing to begin with and the goal is to have this big town and to keep all of your citizens happy.
So they made a mobile version of this and I didn’t know about that until a couple of days before Christmas, so naturally I spent every spare second with my phone. Instead of cleaning my room or doing something useful.
Thanks for that, EA.

iPhone 6


I actually got my new phone in the beginning of November and I completely love it!
I used to have the iPhone 4s and I had it for almost three years without breaking it, which I think is amazing for someone as clumsy as I am. But I got tired of it always messing with me and the battery kind of lost its game after a while so I figured since I didn’t pay it off any longer I could go for the new one, which was not one of my worst choices to be honest. I am super satisfied with this new baby of mine and after getting used to the size of the screen, it wasn’t that much of a struggle to navigate it with my tiny hands.
(In this shot you can also see my tiny pocket knife, which apparently is illegal, even though the blade isn’t even 4 centimeters. So I could get arrested for carrying this in public and if you ask me, that’s just ridiculous.)

Hand cream & Lip balm


I have a problem. A serious one. I’m kind of addicted to The Body Shop. So what I wanted for Christmas was more stuff. From The Body Shop. Aaand, I got it! Yay! On a more serious note both my hands and lips easily crack when it’s cold outside so the fact that I got a lot of stuff from TBS (including these two) made it a lot easier to actually use a hand cream. I used to have a really good one from Kicks but this one just smells delicious. When it comes to the lip balm part, well.. that’s just not an issue, since I always carry at least two with me at all times. This one though, uh, I just love it!

Gossip Girl

I can’t believe that I haven’t found this series before. I’ve been watching all six seasons since I saw the first episode in the end of November. It just took me a couple of minutes and then I was hooked. And honestly I’m a bit ashamed to say that the most part of December I’ve spent in my bed, with my cup of coffee, watching Gossip Girl.
So I’m in that phase where I really don’t know what to do with my life since it was just the other day I found out who Gossip Girl was.


Jul på Liseberg


Last but not least, let’s not forget the annual Christmas Market at Liseberg, which was amazing.